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Watts Schedule Question

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I am considering applying for the Watts nursing program.

I have a bachelor's degree and realize I have to take 18 credit hours from Mount Olive. Can all of the 18 be taken online?

My next question is the timing of the program. If I were to apply now, I assume the earliest I could begin the Mount Olive program is in August, correct? If not, am I able to begin and finish the 18 credit hour requirement so that I can begin the nursing portion at Watts in the Fall?

How long does the program take to complete (including the Mount Olive portion)? What is the fastest this program can be completed?

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Short answer (from a Watts grad): the fastest this program can be completed is 2.5 years (1 semester of UMO, 4 semester of the nursing portion).

The whole 18 credits can potentially be done entire online if you have all the prerequisite requirements, but they may make you take A&P in person at Watts. They usually require the 18 credits to be done the semester before you enter the nursing portion. I.E. if you start UMO in January, you will start Watts in August and if you start UMO in August, you will enter Watts in January.

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