WA Hospitals for ED

  1. Hello All, can you tell me what hospitals are good in non-Seattle Washington area for a nurse with about 7 years of experience? Specifically, I am looking at the ares of Vancouver, Olympia, and Tri-Cities, though I would consider any other ares you think are worth looking at. I am looking for the following:

    • Decent pay as compared to COL and housing costs;
    • Decent school districts in the area;
    • Good health benefits with low employee contribution;
    • Opportunity for other potential per diem nursing jobs in the area;
    • A place where management is considerate towards the opinions of nurses (staff councils, shared governance, etc.)
    • Decent ratios and staffing (a tall order, I know)

    I think the Settle area would be too expensive for me. And the Spokane area too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter (basically the weather pattern I am running from where I live currently).

    Thank you very much.
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