Should i inactivate my Washington RN license?

  1. My original state of licensure is WA. But i have never been there. I applied my NCLEX in WA because me and my husband thought he was going to be stationed in Fort Lewis, WA but the army threw us away in Fort Stewart, GA. Right now I have endorsed my license in GA, TN and and TX. My primary state of residence is TN since my inlaws wont leave TN unlike us being in military life. I want to ask should i inactivate my WA rn licence? I am hesitant because that is my original state license. But i dont think we will ever go there though. Anyone?
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  3. by   amandambaker
    How do you endorse your license and stuff for more than one state? I'm a soon to be-military wife. My fianc is stationed in Colorado. I want to get a CNA in Colorado, and after his contract is up with the army, move home to WAshington. How can I know my CNA will apply in WA?