Shoreline alternate for Spring...

  1. Has anyone ever gotten an alternate spot for the nursing program and later gotten in? I just barely missed the cutoff and am hoping I am near the top of the list, but I worry that anyone applying in the spring would not forfeit their spot. I mean there are no other programs to compete with.
    I think Fall would have more people declining acceptance? Anybody have any thoughts?
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  3. by   Joj0
    Have you receive a call yet? I was also an alternate for the program and I received a call from them.
  4. by   erinb0203
    Yep, I received a call yesterday afternoon. Good news . What about you?
  5. by   erinb0203
    Hope it was good news for you too
  6. by   Joj0
    Thanks. It was good news as well! Congrats!!
  7. by   erinb0203
    Congrats to you as well! I guess we will be meeting soon!