Seattle Central Community College Fall 2011

  1. Hello!
    Anyone apply to Seattle Central Community College for Fall 2011? I sent mine early last year and didn't get in but hopefully this year will be different. Did anyone send theirs from a post office or did you drop it in a mailbox (either your own or a random one on the street)? I'm just curious to see who gets their applications in first since this is how the system works. Do they take the top 100 (50) applicants? This system is a little annoying since the USPS is the one that determines who gets into the program! ::fingers crossed::
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  3. by   hopefulinseattle
    I just heard today that I got into the program. I sent my application about a week before the deadline. I haven't heard much about the program though, so although its closer to where I live, i'm not sure if I will go there since I also got into Bellevue College for their fall quarter.
  4. by   windmill182
    Im going to school at Green River, so I cant answer your question. I just think its crazy that Seattle Central Community College determines their list by who gets their mail there first. I would have given it directly to the closest post office to the school, lol. At least GRCC was just lottery! Good luck though : )