Salary range in WA for negotiation

  1. Looking to relocate to WA state. Any ideas on the salary range for someone with 9 years of experience in Med/Surg? I want to find out so that I know the range that I should be expecting to negotiate to...

    Please respond soon...interview coming up!

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  3. by   scottjon
    If you're looking for hospital work, Washington is a union state, so you can see all the contracts for each facility online, and the contracts include the wage scales, so you can easily see exactly what salary you're looking at given your experience level.

    The two unions covering most all of the state are WSNA and SEIU:
    Labor Relations - Washington State Nurses Association

    Chapters, Contracts and Delegates

    Hope this helps.

  4. by   kids
    Not every hospital in WA is union but the links do give an idea of how much wages can vary by part of the State.
  5. by   watney
    Thank you for the help. I just got an offer and it matched my experience. It's always good to see the scale. A little bit less than what I was making in the East Coast definitely. I think I might go ahead and look for non-union positions on the side.