Providence Olympia PostPartum unit?

  1. Does Prov St. Peter have a stand-alone postpartum unit or is it a combined LDRP unit?

    We're looking to move within a few years and I'm working on narrowing down some of the possibilities. I currently work on a Mother/Baby unit and would prefer to stay on this type of unit.
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  3. by   LoliLolly
    I work at the hospital currently, and float to postpartum occasionally. It's a combined unit in the sense that the FBC's one side has the labor rooms and on the other end of the unit is postpartum. A few of the nurses float between the two ends but there are several nurses who work strictly postpartum. Hope that helps!
  4. by   haunani
    Yes, that's exactly the information I was looking for!

    We have a "combined" family birthplace here, too, but are considered separate units as far as employees go. My current hospital is almost identical in nature (size, not for profit, # of births, teaching hospital, family medicine residents, Level II SCN, etc.), so I feel it would be an easy move to make.