Olympic Medical?

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and am moving to Washington this summer. May I ask if anyone has any inside info on Olympic Medical in Port Angeles or Kittitas Valley Comunity in Ellensburg? How are the facilities, management, location, pay, etc? Also are there any other medical facilities on the peninsula or in the Ellensburg area anyone would recommend? Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   GirloftheSun
    I was raised on the olympic peninsula in a small town 60 miles west of port angeles (Forks). There is a small hospital in forks washington but if you don't like rain and isolation it probably woudn't be a good place to live!

    i don't know much about the pay there but I know they are always hiring people to come out for work. Port angeles is not as rainy as forks and if you like outdoor activies such as skiing and hiking it'd be a good place to live. I think the pay scale might be a little less than what nurses make in seattle but the cost of living is pretty low. It's the biggest hospital on the peninsula. There is a town about 15 miles or so east of port angeles called sequim (it only gets 12 inches of rain a year) that is growing. It's a nice little town and a lot of people live there and drive into port angeles to work. Good luck!