Nursing Assistant Training Institute

  1. I'm looking into taking a NAC class at the Nursing Assistant Training Institute in Shoreline. I was wondering if anyone else has taken the class there and what their experiences have been.

    I'd be very grateful for any feedback.
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  3. by   zacarias

    I took that class in 2000 and liked it a lot. It does cost some money, which is something to consider since some nursing homes will pay for their own nursing assistant training.
    The class was very well structured with definite skill practice and preparation for final skills evaluation. The instructors are good and my clinical site on Phinney was good too.
    I highly recommend it if you can afford it and you will make some friends there too with your fellow students.
  4. by   andrea5
    thanks for the feedback.
  5. by   December716
    I'm starting at NATI on May 10th! I'm so excited! I've wanted to become a CNA for a very long time, but due to money constraints and time constraints I couldn't. But this works out perfectly since it is at night (I'm a full time student working on my pre-req's) and my mom and step dad have agreed to pay for this program for me! Yay for mom and dad! Anyway, I'm just really excited and wanted to share! :hatparty: