Night/weekend classes for LPN?

  1. I've called and called but to no avail. I can not find a LPN class for nights and/or weekends. Can anyone help? Im in the federall way area. Thanks
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  3. by   ardentanglophile
    Skagit Valley College's satellite campus in Oak Harbor has a part time LPN program that it is nights and weekends. It runs every two years so to enter Fall 2008 you need your prerequisites done by end of Spring Quarter. Also look into Edmonds Community College. They have a new blended program.
  4. by   URGR8T
    Bellingham technical college has a weekend program LPN to RN. It is made for working nurses..I actually think working might be a requirement...It is also full time and you graduate in one school year...I have preceptored students from there and they have been really good-so the program must be okay! But it is in Bellingham