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  1. I'm just about finished with nursing school (graduating in May '07) and I would love to go into NICU nursing. Towards the end of school I will definitely be doing my senior practicum in the NICU, I've joined NANN, I'm going to get certified in NRP, and I'm planning on taking a 1st 18 hours course. If anyone has any other advice that could help my chances of being hired, I would be incredibly grateful. Also, does anyone know the pay scales for NICU nurses in Spokane? I've looked at but I'm not sure how accurate that is. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   DaMale Nurse
    AT SHMC starting wage is 23.96/hour base rate. (IE add more for shift diff and weekends) You can go to and click on local units and get a look at SHMC and Holy's contract. I know that SHMC pay's better than Deac but I don't know the numbers. Also go an introduce yourself the the nurse manager and tell them you would like to work there and ask what you can do to help in getting a position there. Bring a resume just in case and do well in your senior practicum. Good Luck! Also bug Debbie Brinker... she is great and has amazing advice.