New to WA..need $alary info for LVN/LPN

  1. Hello

    I'm a newly-endorsed LVN/LPN from Texas.--I've just started applying for jobs in WA (Bellevue/Redmond/Kirkland area)--and have a question:

    What is considered "fair pay" for LVN's/LPN's with +13 years experience?

    The cost of living varies greatly from Texas to Washington--and I haven't got any idea what the 'going rate' is.

    Thanks in advance to all who take the time to reply
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  3. by   Todd SPN
    The kind of nursing you are applying for makes a difference. LTC, MD office?
  4. by   yadda_yadda_yadda

    I'm dedicated to Assisted Living / Nursing Home settings.
    Hope that helps. Sorry for my 'Duh' moment :selfbonk:

    I know that the money is..and always will be...more in E.R.'s, hospitals and such. I did my time in hospitals working nights--and the shift differential wasn't worth the negatives that cropped up.

    Soooo--- Nursing Home & Assisted Living:spin:
  5. by   RedHeadNurse2B
    I just moved here as well. I was recently offered $22.50/hr FT at a LTC facility in Seattle. I am a LPN with 6 mo of experience. Defininetly an increase to what I was being paid in TX, but the cost of living is higher here as well.