New LPN Grad Olympia / Tri Cities Jobs

  1. I live in the Bellingham area and want to relocate for a decent wage. Belligham area LPNs make about $13 to $14/hr. at most places, even extended care. Any ideas who will hire new grads in the Tri Cities or Oly/Tacoma area for better wages. I didn't go to school for so long only to make the same money I was making ten years ago. I am restricted by working a daytime schedule because I am a single Mom, but don't have to worry about running to rescue my kids every minute because they are 12 and 13. I have applied at numerous places and haven't even received a call for an interview. Thanks for any help or advice.
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  3. by   ELLE_BORN
    I work for kgh in kennewick wa i don't know what the pay rate is for lpn but i know they are hiring like crazy for the docs office's if you want to apply kgh is a good hospital and they pay is decent for this area or you could apply at they are harder to get in to but the pay is much better iso i've heard...

    hope that helps a little