I'm new to in home care.

  1. Help, im new new to in home care. One of my clients has slept all day long since I've gotten here other than a few minutes as i walked in and i had to wake him. Am i supposed to wake him up throughout the day or let him sleep? (He has troubles sleeping at night due to a condition, and says hes very tired during the day so I feel bad when I've had to wake him) i want to do my job well even though I'm mainly his companion.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Ask your supervisor for guidance in this situation.
  4. by   roangie467
    Does he have a care plan that outlines his diagnosis, goals, routines and such? If not, you could always ask him what his preferences are. Write it down! I think I would wake him up at least once. Push fluids as dehydration makes people lethargic. I'd want him to get up to toilet at least once while you're there.