How is the job market for new grads?

  1. Hello,

    I am a new grad in CA and it is literally impossible to find a job as a new grad. I can't afford to wait another 6 months. I been looking into other states and I really love the Seattle area.

    So my question is how is the job market for new grads? Is the job market really that competitive in Washington for new grads as it is in CA? What other areas besides Seattle are more attractive for new grads?

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  3. by   smiggles2000
    Yup it ain't no joke. Lots of people graduating from my class (with bachelor degrees) are unable to find work as a new grad. It's pretty scary!
  4. by   UglyBunnyRN
    I believe that most of the large hospitals are on hiring freeze. Northwest Hospital straight up says it will not be offering grad residency this summer. UW Harborview is on freeze due to state budget issues. Those are the specifics I know of. I am a new grad and finding zero.