Hospitals with the best nursing satisfaction and Highlinde Medical Center?

  1. I'm hunting for jobs in Seattle and I was wondering, what hospitals have the best nursing satisfaction/hospital retention of nursing staff? I have experience in medial/telemetry/step down units, and I have taken care of overflow ICU patients on my ward (though I love telemetry the most). I will have been an RN for 3 years by the end of this year.

    Also, has anyone heard anything about Highline Medica Center telemetry/icu unit? Their pay? As well as employees and management and general work environment?
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  3. by   seneyka
    I am working in Tacoma even though living in Burien.
    I am interested in Highline but not knowing much of the ICU environment.
    Hoping to hear some more about Highline if anyone knows of things such as: ICU RNt ratio, any IV team, CNA ratio, secretary for day and NOC, team work,MD...
    Thanks ahead to anyone responding.