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  1. Hello all.

    Though I've tried searching both the forums and the net, I only ended up with ambiguous, outdated or conflicting information. I'm currently a nursing student from Nevada and set to graduate soon and planning on moving to Washington and taking the NCLEX there.

    Does the state of Washington offer Interim Permits for Graduate Student Nurses? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated & thanks ahead for a reply.

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  3. by   kids
    No, the state of Washington does not issue any type of an interm permit.

    Back when boards were written only twice a year and the results took several weeks new grads were allowed to work (and sign) as GN until they received their NCLEX results. If you passed you they could sign LPN/RN, if you failed you were no longer eligible for employment as a GN.

    One thing I am not completely clear on is if student nurses working as Nurse Techs prior to graduation can continue to work until they take boards & get the results.
    I am thinking not as I recall when I worked Per Diem I picked up a lot of hour sevey quarter when a new group of Techs graduated and then couldn't work until they got their results. That is something I would call the BoN about (keep pressing "O" you will eventually get a live person ).