Clark College Winter 2012 Hopeful:)

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I will be applying to the Clark College nursing program on the April 1st deadline, for entry into Winter 2012. I am hoping that by posting this someone past, present or future of the Clark nursing program will stumble upon this and share advise as to their experience of the nursing program or the application process. I am curious as to what point values may have gotten people accepted into the program and the application process itself. I am super excited about the future and about becoming a nurse
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  3. by   Michelle98446
    Here is a link to Clarks statistics page

    According to the site, for Fall 2011 they accepted everyone with 36+ points. I got in for Spring 2011, which they accepted everyone with 40+ points (I deferred start until Fall 2011 because of financial reasons though).

    Hope this helps you and good luck