Clark College, OCT 1st deadline.

  1. Anyone else applying for the OCT 1st deadline? If so how many points do people have. I only have 38 so I am on the low side.
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  3. by   ROBERT5082
    So no one else has applied?
  4. by   j.c.
    I applied for the Oct. 1st deadline with 41 points. I also applied to PCC and planning on applying to OHSU. Where else are you applying?
  5. by   purpleSG
    I'm applying for the April 1st deadline 2013. I currently have 39 pts but in the process of making it 41 pts by retaking a course this winter term. Just curious to know if you got in with 38 pts?
  6. by   j.c.
    I was accepted to start in Fall 2013 with 41 points. Good luck!
  7. by   purpleSG
    Awesome! Is there an interview process? They just accept students based on application points right?
  8. by   j.c.
    No there is not an interview portion. It's all on points.
  9. by   purpleSG
    Thx for the response!
  10. by   purpleSG
    Did you receive a letter by mail or email?
  11. by   j.c.
    I got a letter in the mail. I thought we weren't supposed to hear until march and I got it in December! BIG surprise.