Apartment Recommendations in Seattle

  1. Hi all! I'm a new nurse moving to Seattle this July with my fiance and we are looking for an apartment in Seattle within a reasonable distance of Swedish (First Hill campus). I am somewhat familiar with the area but it difficult to get a good read of the city's availability from the east coast. If anyone has recommendations I would be so grateful! We want at least a 1bed/1 bath
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  3. by   heartnurse_15
    We lived in West Seattle for awhile and absolutely loved it! It's such a nice neighborhood with great bars and restaurants, a weekly farmer's market year round and Alki Beach with the most breathtaking view of the Seattle skyline. Traffic on the West Seattle Bridge can get pretty congested during rush hour, but you would probably be leaving early enough to beat the morning rush. I was doing a clinical practicum at Swedish at the time and it took about 15 minutes to get there when I left early in the morning. I would move back in a heartbeat