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Washington Hospital center - for exp. RN

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Hi all,

I am an RN with three years of med/surg exp. I just got a job offer at Washington Hospital center. The pay seems much lower than i expected. This can't be right. I have three years of exp. under my belt. I want to negotiate for a better rate, but I am not sure what they are paying this year. Can anyone help???? i want a fair pay. :nurse::nurse:

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SanCap has 1 years experience and specializes in PICU.

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For new grads, I know they start from about $27-28/hr. I think it is like $27.55 or 28.55, I just can't remember which it is. Hope this helps!

Just curious-how much did they offer you, since you have 3 years experience already.

GWUH starts at $25/hr for new grads, from what their nurse recruiter told me.

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