What do you know about this hospital?

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    I have an interview with United Medical Center in the SE. I googled but can't find much info. So I am asking anyone who has info on this hospital to let me know what I should expect.

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  3. by   WhatEmergency
    I do not work for UMC, but in the course of one of my jobs I interact with the ER staff regularly. I can give you a little insight from that perspective. I can not give input on any other units.

    I will say the culture and overall lack of professionalism there is unlike anything I have ever seen. There has been a lot of staff turnover lately, so maybe that will change. I know they are VERY busy with low acuity patients that come in daily, or even multiple times a day.

    I am hesitant to say too much on a public forum. I STRONGLY suggest you take a trip there and speak to current employees for their perspective. Personally, that would be the last hospital in DC I would work for.