Relocate New Orleans to DC

  1. Hello. I am a Critical Care nurse with 16 years experience with a strong desire to relocate to the DC area. I have my ADN and I start my BSN bridge program in August. I am interested in level 1 trauma centers in the area in either ICU or ER, preferably ER since I am also working on my SANE certification soon. I am interested in Medstar Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown, George Washington and Inova Fairfax in Falls Church, VA. Can anyone comment as to salary for experienced nurses and other benefits provided, as well as the cultures in the facilities and general information about experiences in these facilities?
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  3. by   Wolf at the Door
    I would strongly recommend doing travel nursing in that area first. Keep your foot in the door at your job in Nola by doing per diem. Do travel at a few DC hospitals like GW and Georgetown. I would work at a union hospital. I would also check out NIH Hospital Bethesda MD They have some travel assignments there also.. Might as well check out baltimore too. University of Maryland hospital. Accountable Healthcare is one of the main vendors for Inova contracts. Pay is crap though. Inova offers relocation up to 20k and 20k sign on bonus for a three year commitment. It's none union and bad ratios for ICU nursing 3:1.