Pay for per diem RNs??

  1. Hello all,

    I currently live in California but will be relocating to VA/Washington DC area in a couple of months. We'll most likely live south of DC since my husband will be working at Quantico. Anyway, I was wondering what the average hourly wages are at the hospitals in the area (specifically per diem pay but any info would be soo helpful). I have worked in L&D for 4 years. I currently make $47 plus night differential here in California. Am I going to have to take a huge pay cut?? Thanks so much for any information you can give me!
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  3. by   AgentR
    I have worked on two LDRs, one in the burbs of VA and one in the burbs of MD. Pay rate for PRNs in both is $35/hour.
  4. by   notamurse
    I have 5 years experience L & D- have not looked in VA, only DC and MD. I was offered base per diem of between $37-44/hr, plus night /weekend diff. I was offered $35-38 plus benefits for full time.. so I think this area is not great for making up their savings in benefits for PRN nurses.