OR PRN Positions in DC/MD area

  1. Are there any nurses out there that works in the OR at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC? I am applying for a PRN position and wanted some insights on how it is working there? How are the surgeons? Is the OR Director supportive of her nurses? I am looking to work evening time from 4pm-11pm during the weekdays and anytime on the weekends and holidays to include call. I will find out in about 2 weeks if the military is going to send me to an ICU Fellowship in the DC area. If so, then I will be able to work on my days off during the week and anytime on the weekends and holidays that I am not working. If I am not selected, then I will remain in the OR and will be able to work evening time during the week 4-11p. Any insight on how it is to work there would be appreciated.

    If anyone out there knows of any other hospitals in the DC area that is looking for OR nurses for PRN work, please let me know. When I went on the Washinton Hospital Center's website, it seems that they only have full-time positions available for OR nurses.


    Antonio, RN, MSN, CNOR, CMSRN
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