New grad programs in DC area

  1. I am graduating from an ADN program this May and there is a chance I'll move to DC after graduation. I'm living in Texas right now and I do know a couple of people in the area, but they are not in healthcare so I have no information on what hiring of new grads is like there. I'm looking into new grad programs online, and it's looking like most require a BSN. (I'm assuming the new grad situation there is rough, as it is in many urban areas in the country, especially for ADNs.) I do have good grades and some PCT experience under my belt, so hopefully that will help a little bit.

    Which hospitals in DC and surrounding cities (i.e. in Maryland or Virginia) are most new grad-friendly and ADN-friendly? Any recommendations for residency programs? What are the hospital reputations like?

    Thanks so much!!
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