1. Did anyone get a loan to help pay living expenses while in nursing school?
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  3. by   lblack126
    I am about to if I get approved! This will be my first year MSN for non-nurses with BA/BS in other fields, and had to sign my life away for loans. I am taking out full loans for tuition, and living, books etc. Scary! But worth it. And yes, there are loans available after sub and unsub fed loans - for living expenses.

    are you independent or still indicated as a dependent by your folks? If independent there are personal Plus loans that you can get for up to the cost of attendance including tuition plus living, travel, books etc. I believe this to be true for a dependent (which means under 22 - I think - and your parents are helping you pay for school at least a little) that loan is a Parent Plus loan.

    Check out the FAFSA website for more information. And good luck!