How does UDC compare to NVCC?

  1. I was living in Virginia but because of having to move to DC recently (long story), I'm looking at ADN programs in DC. UDC seems to be the most affordable: $75 per credit hour after becoming a DC resident, which takes a year. However, I don't know anything about the program there. I do know that NVCC's program is highly regarded. Does UDC compare well enough to NVCC? (I already have a bachelor's degree but I'm just considering the two-year associate degree in nursing, rather than an accelerated program, because a primary concern for me is tuition cost.)
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  3. by   HillaryC
    There's a way to view individual schools' NCLEX pass rate, but I can't remember how to do it. Last I saw, UDC didn't have the most impressive pass rate, but that doesn't mean you'd be doomed to fail. If you've already successfully completed a bachelor's, you'd probably be in good shape to be at or near the top of your class.

    Good luck!