Hospital job prospects with one year experience?

  1. There's a very long, very drawn-out story behind why I'm asking this question. Since I don't think any of you really care about that, I'll just get to it. What are the job prospects in DC/NoVA/maybe MD for a med/surg nurse with 12-18 months experience?
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  3. by   0402
    I did 12 months (to the day) of M/S in DC and had no problem getting a job in NoVA (also in m/s, but that's what I applied for). I wanted to be closer to home and easily got a job where I wanted.
  4. by   BadMoonOnTheRise
    Thanks for your reply. Most job postings just stated experience required. But what is experience, you know? There were very few that gave a specific time frame. I've read so many horror stories about the job market in the area, and one year doesn't seem very experienced to me.