GW ADN-BSN Residency

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    I am researching programs for after I finish nursing school May 2016 and I think this program sounds great! I can't find any information on past students who completed this pathway. I'm curious about how well liked the program was, how difficult it was to get in, etc. Any help or insight would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   lululadyRN
    Hi there! I just saw this program and I can tell you its DEFINITELY NEW. I've been eyeing GW for a while and this program (ADN-BSN residency specifically for NVCC graduates) was NOT on the website a year/2 years ago. it sounds amazing and I'd definitely commit to working at GW for 3 years. I'm a new nurse and plan to apply to the program.
  4. by   sweetlexus73
    Thanks for your reply! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one interested in the program. I graduate in May and I will most definitely be applying. Please keep me updated on your progress! Feel free to PM me
  5. by   Novarn540
    How has the program been? Please share?
  6. by   sweetlexus73
    This program was on a hiatus when I was applying. The Nursing Director was not sure if they would ever reopen the program. I have since applied elsewhere and took a job as a New Graduate Nurse with Medstar Washington Hospital Center.