Georgetown New Grad Program Summer 2011

  1. Hello! I have accepted a position at Georgetown University Hospital as one of the "New Grads" starting in the MICU this summer. I am from the Midwest, so this is a big move for me! Is anyone else in the new grad program? Does anyone have any advice on how to find housing in the DC that is affordable and safe, yet easy enough to get to work? Thanks!
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  3. by   WisconsinGrad
    Hi mks22!
    I also accepted a position in the MICU for the nurse residency starting this summer! Craigslist has some great finds for housing but they are mostly opening in March, so I think I will wait a bit longer before I really start looking. Leases in DC start the first of each month. There are some good prices on 5-6 bedroom townhouses in Georgetown that I think would be fun if there was a group of nurses that wanted to share it together. I'm also looking in Rosslyn, VA
  4. by   Pink20059
    Hi all and congratulations!! I am just wondering when did you all applied for the new grad positions, because I have been looking on the web site and I did not see position posted.