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Wanting training, has no experience

by Ann.E Ann.E Member

I recently graduated from nursing school and just started working last month. I work in a small rural clinic that has a need for a nurse to provide routine wound care. The issue that I am running into is that I have no experience with wounds and there are only a few nurses at our clinic, none of which can give any guidance when it comes to wound care. Within the town I live in, there are no wound care nurses and next larger town is about 200 or more miles away. My questions is, where can I go (thinking online courses) to get training for wound care. I know that there are classes, but a lot of them I have found include testing fees, which I won't be able to take the test for a while. I really just want to get some basic training, so I am wondering if anyone can offer some insight into where I might be able to get that.

Check out WOCN gold standard for training

mommy.19, MSN, RN, APRN

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WebCME has some GREAT courses, including basics all the way to advanced study for certification exams. Check them out!