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Want to work in Corrections

Budzmom Budzmom (New) New

I am a nurse, have had a BSN for 20 years. Have 13 years of hospital OR, acute care, med-surg, surgical floor, day surgery, and lots of experience in orthopedics. Then I was hit by a 6 ton truck and had to have back surgery to place hardware. I became a nurse consultant to helpbring$$ in the house but that fizzled out due tothe economy. Currently I have been at home health for almost 3 years. With the hardware, can i still work correctional nursing? Do I need to renew my ACLS (always hated that but am willing to do so) in order to work there? Been reading all I can find online but mostly here to see what else I can do to prepare myself. I am physically agile (after back surgery to rehab myself I bought the acgrage next to my home and landscaped it). It's beautiful but I'm bored. Help! Any advice you could give to help me walk in prepared would be great....I want them to read my resume and meet me and say "she;d be great for this job". Thanks!!