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Want to work in Brisbane: pay rate & availability of part-time jobs?

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently an RN in Canada who will have 2.5 yrs experience in an acute care pediatric facility - 2 yrs in Gen Peds/Infectious Diseases + Complex care and 6 months Emergency Department (pediatrics) experience (by December this yr when I'll stop working). My husband & I are moving to Australia in June or July 2013, I'll be doing a 1 year Masters program but would potentially like to work part-time or casual as an RN during my studies. I'm wondering what is the approximate rate of pay for an RN in Brisbane? I'd be applying to Royal Children's & Maters hospitals. Also, do you think there are part-time or casual jobs out there, or do they predominately seek out full-time staff? I am asking because it is a pricey process to have my certification carry over & if it's unlikely that I can find work as an RN, I will probably seek out other options like being a Teaching Assistant, etc.

Any insight or help is greatly appreciated - thank you!!!! :)

You'd be making about $30/hour. Also, night and weekend premiums are quite high.

There are jobs for nurses. Both part and full time. Google Queensland Health Work for Us website. Email your resume to the PCMs (NUMs in Oz language) and see what they have to offer.


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