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want to transfer my illinois license to pittsburgh,

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Hello, hello!!

I found the PA BON website, but I only found how to obtain a PA license from scratch. If anyone can direct me to the transfer section, I would really appreciate it. Also, does anyone know how long the process takes? Do you think it's OK for me to apply for job as soon as I get the ball rolling, or, should I wait until the PA license is in hand?

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Here's the response from the PA BON website:


Nurses licensed outside this state seeking Pennsylvania licensure as an RN or LPN who are requesting licensure by endorsement can download the application for licensure by endorsement. If you hold or every held a Pennsylvania nurse license do not complete the endorsement application. Contact the Board office at (717)783-7142.

Here's the application they are referring to: http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_159698_775591_0_0_18/Appl-Endorsement.pdf

Section E deals with licensing from another state.

$100 to apply for the RN license, $135 for the RN and TPP

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