want to contnue studies online


I am a NClex passer, currently in kuwait. I received my package 4 and am waiting for the retrogression to settle off like all others. Meanwhile, i would like to do my masters [MSN nursing/MBA/ courses in psychiatry] from an american university online. Many sites i visited do not have a programme for foreign nurses.

Could someone help me with this?

Does anyone know of any university that will take me in? Are the courses too expensive? Any info would be most welcome

suzanne4, RN

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The on-line programs are expensive, and you are required to come to the US for a certian amount of time each year to complete the requirements. Your issue with being out of the country is getting your clinical requirements done for the MSN as well.

My suggestion would definitely be to wait, many employers will even pay part of the tuition when you have been there for a certain period of time.

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