Waiting waiting waiting


Hey y’all! So I am a new “nurse”. I quote that because the board has still not issued my license a month after I passed NCLEX, because it’s in practice review. I was sober for 2.5 years, relapsed, and have been back for almost a year again (works if you work it, right?!). I ended up self reporting on my application, initiating an HPSP monitoring contract on my own, and volunteer with the nursing Peer support organization in my state, in addition to 4 AA meetings a week and 1-2 peer support meetings per week. Does anybody know how much longer I could possibly wait? I’m doing everything they could possibly recommend, and am anxious to work because I’m a new grad. Should I consult an attorney, or just wait this out? Thanks for your help!

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Call an atty. MA dragged their heels for 5 years with me. I'm in the process of dealing with MA now, even though NH is my home state, I was on an assignment on my NH compact license when accusations were made and I went before the NH Board, answered EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Show Cause and ALL accusations were dismissed. I wonder who polices the Boards ?? Yep, no one. They get to play God. I'm over all of it. Good Luck !!