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waiting and waiting......

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So I received a letter from BVNPT stating I passed the NCLEX-PN exam and they and still reviewing my conviction record and license will be delayed, received letter September 9th. I have been calling the technician for any updates on my license and said to call back in 60 days!

I very worried that my ticket for drinking underage, when I was 18 over 8 years ago, will prevent me from getting a license :crying2:. When I tried to provide BVNPT with a certified court paper on the incident it was no longer filled with the court record, provided BVNPT with a certified letter that its no longer in the system and no record available.

I just find it weird because I had other classmates who had recent DUI convictions who already are in the system and can be verified of their license status online! I know my ticket is no where near as serious as a DUI!

Anyone have any idea why I would be help back so long? Monday will be 60 days so I will give them a call tomorrow. Its just so frustrating; I want to get a license and start job hunting already! I'm losing faith I will get licensed.

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39 Posts; 1,645 Profile Views

anyone experience my situation?

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