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Hi All! So I'm 29, a Patient Care Tech in an inpatient hospital setting, and a former nursing school student who got booted out of the program due to failing the Med Surg portion of my clinical. I am so ready to get into another program, but it seems like I have had no luck. These wait-lists are super discouraging. I am wondering if anyone knows of an accredited no wait list school that I could get into immediately. It seems like every school in the country has a wait-list, especially the Tech programs. I do not want to be a 30 year old plus CNA/Tech (no offense to anyone who is because CNA's and Tech's work hard! I love us! ...however, I do not want to be doing this long term, into my 30's.) So if anyone could offer any advice, or drop the names of some programs, I would gladly appreciate it. At this point, I am willing to move to get into a program. I want to be a NURSE (an L&D or Mother Baby RN).

Thanks for reading 🙂