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I will be starting a new job at CVS Minute clinic and I am looking to volunteer during my free time. I did a thorough search and I can't find any local organizations in South Carolina. I live very close to Charlotte and would prefer to volunteer closer to home.

I am licensed as an APRN only in SC.

I am interested in volunteering in schools, retirement homes, etc.

Thank you!

JustBeachyNurse, RN

Has 10 years experience. Specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

Try your state APRN organization

good idea, thank you

Contact the places you want to volunteer directly. Not as a nurse, but I have done volunteer work at nursing homes, etc by just calling / stopping in (in case you get someone on the phone that isn't that knowledge or helpful).

I would strongly suggest going to Remote Area Medical (Remote Area Medical –)

They have plenty of opportunities that wouldn't be too far from the OP's location


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