Volunteer in Healthcare in Ghana, Africa

  1. [color=#ff66cc]volunteer in ghana with one of the eight different kinds of programs
    we monitor, select, support, manage, organise and assist 8 assorted programs for volunteers all year round throughout ghana with 213 community based organizations, institutions, councils and groups.
    our visions and objectives are worth your inputs. the programs further enrich your experience, knowledge, understanding and offer you the opportunity to discover other cultures, yourself, lifetime friends, great fun and a memorable vacation.
    choose among community work, hiv/aids, teaching, orphanage, healthcare, physically and/or mentally disabled, african traditional medicine and the now popular and well enjoyed king's project (a combination of culture, traditional administration and one of those mentioned earlier)
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  3. by   swamalika
    hi, i would like to be a volunteer ..what are the steps to getting there.please let me know. I am so interested in knowing more.
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