Spanish for medical missions

  1. I'm going to Latin America for the third time this year and for the first time, it will be a medical missions trip. I've always wanted to do a trip like this and I am a newbie at Spanish, just having started learning it last summer.

    I'm looking for online Spanish lessons to help me prepare for vocab/conversations in the medical field. Any suggestions? I'm continuing in my generic Spanish but now I would like to concentrate more for the next month.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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  3. by   SiwanRN
    Spanish for Healthcare Providers Focused CE Series (June 216) Tickets, Mon, Jun 27, 216 at 1: PM | Eventbrite

    Nursing Focused CE Series at

    I did this Spanish for the Healthcare Provider class a couple years ago. The courses are held quarterly I think, and you can also find them at It's pretty helpful around general medical specific vocabulary and pronunciation. It does not go in depth as far as verb conjugations and tenses, etc, but it's good for giving you a handle on medical vocabulary for all areas of the hospital and some history taking.

    I liked it and found it helpful. Your mileage may vary.