Project Helping Hands (Medical Mission)

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am planning on a medical mission trip next year and will be going as a student nurse. I was going to go through IMR, but I'm just finding their trips to be too expensive. I recently stumbled across Project Helping Hands and haven't been able to find much information about them on this forum or elsewhere as far as experiences/pros/cons go. Has anyone done a medical mission with them and have any insight?

    It looks like they cover all of the planning and most of the same things (housing, meals, water, travel, visa costs) are covered in the cost, just like IMR.

    Thanks to anyone who can give some info. I'm really interested in the Bolivia Jungle trip next year.
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  3. by   Parakeet
    Is that the one that goes to Africa? I believe a doctor in OB told me about it. Are you a Christian? If you are, I have the names of several organisations that do overseas medical missions. Some of them are Baptist, others are nondenominational.
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