Looking for A Volunteer Medical Trip?

  1. I recently spent eight days in Haiti with International Medical Relief and I have to say that it was an amazing experience. I went pretty much as a new grad and I learned so much. The organization I went with is just incredible. ALthough you must make a donation for a trip it is well worth it. They travel all over the world with teams and supplys and set up clinics in communities. I worked in Port Au Prince and rural communities surrounding the area. It is such a special memory and I can't wait to take another trip, hopefully to Kenya next time. They also accept students and non-medical volunteers. It is real nice to have non medical volunteers there and a lot of people brought their families to help out. We went to orphanages and even did a womens clinic.

    Message me if you want further details.
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  3. by   Miss Molly
    Thanks so much for the info! It's nice to know that new grads and students can participate.
  4. by   tessm54
    Hi- your trip sounds like a great experience and a amazing memory. I am an LPN and have been wanting to go on a medical mission. What agency did you go through and do you have any information you can give me so I can have a experience as you did....Thank You!!