hurricane relief volunteers

  1. helloJust wondering how to find out info on volunteering as a nurse to help with relief efforts. Let me know of any info. thanks, amy
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  3. by   MissJoRN
    I'd go through all the posts under the the "Hurricane Rita and Katrina" board (general nursing forums) and see what you find that interests you! I got a call fro the Mississippi board as late as last Tuesday but probably won't hear from them again since they marked me as already having been there/not available again. Also recieved an email that Florida is organinzing a mental health group- looking for certified geriatric and psych nurses. (I can't help them there)
  4. by   Balder_LPN
    Your local red cross chapter. Thats how my sister went
  5. by   south_rn13
    Red Cross will put you to work. I am from Ms and was living in MT at the time Katrina stolled through. I volunteered at the hospital I used to be employed by and stopped by to offer my services at a Red Cross clinic who put me right to work.