hurricane jobs

  1. does anyone know how to go about getting a fema rn job for the post hurricane effort?
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  3. by   irshnrse
    Actually I do. I know for sure that you can go through the Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals to volunteer. As for pay, I do not know unless you go through a travel agency. In Oklahoma we have the "medical corps" and they take volunteers as well. Good luck in your search. I went to Louisiana. I lived in New Orleans until about 3 yrs ago and could not just sit here watching the TV without doing something. I plan on going back when my schedule permits. So, good for you.
  4. by   grammyr
    I volunteered through the Louisiana Dept of Health and Hospitals the day after Katrina hit. I went to Baton Rouge and worked for 4 days at the PMAC on LSU campus. I don't know who you would contact other than an agency for paying positions unless some of the hospitals that are reopening are hiring.