Haitian Medical Relief Needs Continue

  1. After the initial and overwhelming dramatic international response, the amount of attention being focused on post earthquake Haiti has now unfortunately ebbed. No longer will there be several reports daily, with up to the minute updates on all major news networks. However, the job isn't over by far. If anything, the hard part of the relief is just beginning. Hundreds of thousands of homeless and displaced are living in squalid camps, which themselves are vulnerable to being washed away in the coming seasonal torrential rain. It is feared also, that with the rains will come rampant and easily spread disease.

    Those that can afford to contribute, please continue to do so. More importantly, those that can spare the time to donate their skill sets, there are still medical relief missions being organized on an ongoing basis.

    Thanks to all who can help.
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  3. by   Cree8ive1
    How do we find these groups organizing the medical missions? I'm dying for the opportunity to go. Any leads/links? Thanks!
  4. by   vball369
    Hi, just wondering if any of these medical relief teams accept nursing students? Can you please post a list of groups? thanks!