Disaster Psychology Course

  1. Does anyone know where there are ARC courses held in disaster management, specifically in disaster psychology, I have seen it as part of the ARC cirriculum but have run up against a wall trying to locate the programs, I have even contacted the ARC in NJ and they are not helpful, they do nto really know, yet it is on their website.

    Secondly, anyone with experience in CIS counseling, where do you get that course training (I'll go anywhere in the MidAtlantic states), I'm not having much luck in Jersey.

    Thank You
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  3. by   HarryPotter
    Don't know off hand of any specific course, have you tried calling the Red Cross for info?
    As a psych nurse, I know there is alot of PTSD, grief, confusion, lots of need to help out emotionallly.
    Good luck.
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