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Hi. I am a retired school counselor and teacher in the Los Angeles area who still volunteers at the intermediate school where I worked for 36 years. In 1979 I helped found a weekend youth Leadership Camp to instruct students in ethics and leadership. This is our 39th year!

On April 13-15 of this year we will again be taking 50 students on this trip. The campground we use requires us to have a registered nurse on site all three days. If we don't have one, we have to pay the campground to provide one for us.

Since we get no school district funding (the kids raise all their own money), this was an additional expense for us.

I'm hoping to find a nurse who would be willing to donate three days to accompany us. In return we will pay for your accommodations and meals for the weekend. It's a beautiful setting in the mountains, and you would be free to hike, read, rest, and breathe in the fresh air for three days at no cost!

I'n hoping we can find a kind soul who can help us! Thank you!

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OP; You might also post this in the California section