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Vocational nurse training cost???


hi everyone

i am about to start LVN program at kaolan college san diego

it is going to cost me 33 008.00 $ which is a lot of money i did aplly for grant and loan

it gonna be 15 months full time courses

do u think it worth it!!!????

lifelearningrn, BSN, RN

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I'd say this is beyond expensive for an LVN program. Have you looked at public colleges?

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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talk to financial aid in more than one school. What is the average pay for LVN's in your area? Divide the cost (which will not include books, uniforms, etc) by the average salary to see how long it will take for you to start making money. I wonder if another 12-18 mos in RN school might have more cost benefit?

Public colleges are closed for admission,,and its too late for waiting list,i should wait till september to apply!!!

I think that's way too expenisve...even for California. Why don't you wait and apply to SDCC or something cheaper.

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If i dont get loan for the total amount of 33 008.00 of course i have to wait till the next year i have no choice


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Yikes, I don't think I would do it. Look into your local community colleges. I pay 625.00 a semester and I'm in the ADN program at my college. Is this University of Phoenix or some school like that? Because they are really good at charging a tremendous amount of money for their programs. Even if you did get financial aid and received a full pell grant, you would still be paying a hefty amount. I don't think it's worth it. Wait for the next time to apply to one of your local colleges....in my opinion. I've been through something very similar. I went through a year CMA program and still owe about 7,000.00 in student loans and that is with full pell grants and this was in 2006. The total was around 12,000.00. Waist of my time and money. I would also look into to job placement for the school your going to. Be careful with those, "too good to be true" type schools. Good Luck! Be patient, it will come.

Good luck to you either way...hope everything works out to your favor.

Thanks alot Koulter

You know...I stayed home since january 2010 because i got pregnant...i was flight attendant

Now i want to do another career as i have a baby ,,,

i didnt want to wait till Fall 2011 to apply because i see it still tooooooooo far

My baby still 3 months old so she still needs me next to her i will wait till november then i will apply for a public college


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I know the cost of living is higher in CA than in other parts of the country, but that price seems excessive. I would be patient and apply to others before jumping into this one.


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Are there not community colleges or technical colleges with LVN/LPN programs in your area? I'm an LVN and I paid less than $6000 for a 15 month program at a technical college. I'd investigate other programs-there's got to be an excellent, affordable school somewhere in your area. Good luck!!!

Too expensive if you don't get a job afterwards. LVNs in the LA area that are experienced and new grads can't get work. I think it isn't much better in your area.

IMO, that is too high a price. I am starting my 12-month ABSN program and the program you mention costs a bit more than mine. Good luck.

thank you chiefswife

I will do that for two reasons; 1-too expensive

2-if i want to start that full time class i should send my baby to Mom which is living in another country because we dont have money for Child care...

I don t wanna leave my child she`s less that 3 months and i breastfeed her

ouuuf i do have to wait :)

thank you Purple LVN

what do u mean by technical college??

you paid 6000 $!!! when and where was that??

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I didn't pay close to that for a BSN at my state college. If I had the choice between spending 10s of thousands of dollars extra, and waiting until next year to apply I think I would find something else to do for a year!

i would implore you to look into community colleges!

i am paying 4000 for my lpv/lvn at a local community college, and that includes books!

i was accepted at my first application, but i had a 4.0 gpa and high test scores. you should take your pre-requisites first, which are generally taken into high consideration for acceptance.

most colleges do not have a "waiting list" per se, their process is to accept the most qualified applicants. this may mean that some individuals with less than stellar gpa's must apply a few times.

I do have smthg very i;portant to do during this year...i will take care of my baby ;)